Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Head Down, Butt in the Studio

If I have been absent from blogging lately it is because I have had my head down, and my butt in the chair the last two weeks. The Lyndhurst show is this weekend, and I have made some modifications to the pod designs I have been working on all summer. I was happy with the designs, but not so happy with the Ultralight clay I was using. There were several things about it that were bothering me, and I decided to rethink using it for these designs.

I am happier with how these new pieces are coming out. I am playing with mica shift, and enjoying the subtle pattern I can get on the surfaces with that. And I am playing with color.

It has been a big push to get enough work together for this show. But I wanted to have enough work to gauge response to these new pieces. And the more I did, the more excited I was about where things were going. I could use another week or two to be as prepared as I would like, but I don't have it. And I always feel like I could use more time as I head for a show. But I have learned to accept that as the norm. I will not be in the studio much today. I need to get pictures taken, and start organizing and preparing to load up the car.

If you are able to get to the Lyndhurst show this weekend I highly recommend it. It looks like the weather will be agreeable, and there will be lots of beautiful work to see,....and buy! Among the polymer clay artists who will be there are Loretta Lam, Louise Fischer Cozzie, and Karin Noyes. And of course there are many, many other very talented artists in a wide range of media. If you stop by, make sure to say, "hi!"

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Barb aka rubarb said...

Judy, those are just gorgeous the color, shape and style. And the venue for your show...a castle! How wonderful is that? Have a great show...