Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Check This Out

Have you been over to Alison Lee's blog lately, and listened to her podcast interview with Wendy Rosen. Wendy shares a lot of her insights and knowledge about the business of craft. She also gives her top ten list of mistakes that artists make as business people. Definitely worth a listen.

And have you seen this page on Lindly Haunani's blog/website? It is under the Visual Journal button on the top menu. I love playing with collage, and these are terrific. I am a real fan of her blog. Short posts. Well written. Great tips, and insights. Definitely a regular visit for me.

If you like collage, you must check out this work. The artist is Noli Novak. She apparently specializes stipple made of many small dots. They are nearly photographic in their accuracy. But the collages are what really entranced me. You must click on the images, and see in more detail to fully appreciate what she is doing. It could be interesting to try something like this with polymer clay...

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