Monday, March 31, 2008

Crane Videos Up on YouTube

I have finished editing two videos about how to fold a crane from polymer clay, and posted them on YouTube for public viewing. I made quite a few beginner's errors, but I hope it still manages to convey the process reasonably well.

Folding Polymer Clay Cranes, Part 1


Folding Polymer Clay Cranes, Part 2

One of the biggest mistakes I learned, was thinking I could turn the camera sideways to film. While that might work wonderfully for still images to frame the image just the way you want, it doesn't work at all in video. The editing software accommodated my mistake, so, I had already invested lots and lots and lots of time by the time I uploaded it to YouTube. The result is a somewhat distorted image when posted on YouTube. Oh, well. No time for now to redo the filming. But if I ever decide to make a new video, I will have learned!

Another thing I learned; ten minute time limit on YouTube. The first cut of the video was about 16 minutes long. So, several re-cuts later, it is two videos, and a little choppier for all the re-editing. Have I set your expectations low enough yet?? :-)

I am sharing what I have learned in the last four plus years about how to fold polymer clay. Little tips and tricks learned with trial and error. My hope is that people will be willing to make a donation to this project in return for the information I am sharing. Granted, YouTube is all about free sharing of information and entertainment. But, it is also a fast, and accessible way for me to create a video about the cranes and get it out there. I am trusting the universe that if I share this, I will get what I need in return.

I know some will be surprised by my decision to share this process. It is something that I have built my business upon. It is a product that is distinctive to me. But I am ready to do this. The world could use a few more cranes. And, I do want to raise funds to support the Crane Project. It is counter intuitive perhaps to think that people will pay for something I have shared at no cost. But, people will pay an instructor, buy a book or magazine, or a DVD. It is kind of like the model some musicians are using. Pay what you want for the download. Trusting the universe. Not the kind of business model they teach in business school, but one that feels like the right one for me right now for this project. I will let you know how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

That was a fascinating video and very well done! You make it look very easy although I know it's taken you a long time to get to that point. Your project seems daunting to me but I have no doubt you'll complete it.
Susan T

Judy said...

Thank you Susan!

Kathi said...

wooo hooo! I knew you could do it :) I am off to watch it and then give it a try. thank you so much for sharing and caring enough TO share. Hugs

Judy said...

Thank you Kathi! I am going to create a Group on Flickr so that people can post their pictures of cranes. A virtual classroom sharing of the output. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the muffin Cups!

Anonymous said...

Great videos. Clear well explained.
I have seen much coppier videos so don't mind being perfect on the first try.

Judy said...

Hi Anon, aren't they the best idea? It only took me three years to stumble onto that one. :-)

JuLi said...

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and the videos are great! :)
And when you click the fullscreen button in the right corner, it isn't distorted like in the small frame, so there is no need to redo that. It also stays that way if you go back to the small frame, don't ask me why. ;)

Judy said...

Thank you for the feedback, and the tip....I will definitely try it out.