Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tag, Your It

Being tagged as a blogger is a bit different than the childhood game of tag. Then it was more of an aggressive act. But being tagged as a blogger is more of a call out to say, "I read your blog, and I like it." Much better than the feeling I used to get being tagged in the game, as a kid. But now, I have to take on the task of acknowledging other bloggers whose words inspire or amuse. And, sadly, it has taken me a month to pick up the task. So, here goes.

Vickie Hallmark
at Fiber.Art.Glass generously gave this blog a nod. The rules were as follows:

1. Place the name of the person and URL on your blog.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write seven things about yourself.
4. Name seven of your favorite weblogs.
5. Send an email letting those bloggers know they have been tagged.

Seven things about me:

1. I am 6'-1-1/2" tall. I hated it when I was young, and swore I would not have kids....lest I have a daughter who would be so tall. Well, fortunately, I have learned to never say never....and I have two lovely, tall daughters. They have taught me more than they can imagine.

2. I love to garden. This time of year is my favorite. Plants are bursting forth from the ground, and growing fast enough to see the changes from day to day. Color is back after a winter of snow, ice, or brown and grey.

3. I was married on a 60' yacht in Long Island Sound, off the coast of Connecticut on a beautiful August afternoon. It was a beautiful and memorial day for us, and for our guests. And it made it easy to keep the wedding small.

4. I discover more by accident than by intent. It is usually when I am heading in one direction that I will discover something far more interesting. I have learned to be open to those possibilities, because they will regularly appear.

5. I have five brothers and sisters. I was in the middle. Number three. I have a brother who is a year and two days older, and one who is an Irish twin....two weeks shy of year younger than me. I learned much about making compromises from growing up in a large family.

6. I have never traveled to Europe or Asia, yet I find much inspiration in the landscape and art of those parts of the world. I do want to travel more broadly one day, but for now, I am more of a homebody.

7. The best years of my life are still ahead! I guess you could say I am an eternal optimist!

Seven blogs I enjoy:

1. Polymer Clay Daily is a daily must read for me. I love to see what latest treasure Cynthia has uncovered.....and sometimes we are lucky enough to see some of what she has been up to in her own studio.

2. Craftcast with Alison Lee is a blog and podcast. I have loved her interviews with various artists. She has such a warm style, and consistently gets others to open up and talk about their inspiration or creative style.

3. Susan Lumoto Rose is a fellow polymer clay artist, and web guru extraordinaire....that is the only thing that explains how she can consistently find so many interesting and intriguing tidbits from all over the web, for her blog, Polymer Clay Notes.

4. Janice Abarbanel is a multi-media artist. Metal, bead crochet, and polymer clay are all transformed under her talented hands. She has a great blog as well.

5. I am a Project Runway addict. And thanks to Kim Cavender, I stumbled across Project Rungay, and there has been no turning back. These guys have an addiction deeper than my own, but they bring a whole new dimension that is worth a regular visit.

6. The best place to spend a few hours on the web....TEDtalks. Guaranteed inspiration abounds.

7. One of the people who inspired me to blog is Libby Mills. I still enjoy reading her posts and seeing the latest direction her art is taking. She is a talented woman, and a terrific person.

I hope you all have fun exploring some of these links.

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Vickie Hallmark said...

Thanks, Judy, for the link! I enjoyed checking out your favorite blog; most are already on my favorites list, too, but there were a couple of new ones.