Thursday, July 11, 2013


It has been a long time; four years actually, since I have posted to this blog. Many changes have taken place in that time. And I have missed this connection I have had with other creative souls. But it was only recently that I saw a way back to this process of blogging that made sense for the place I now inhabit.

I no longer work much with polymer clay. I still play with it from time to time, but more often teaching others than pursuing work of my own. In the years since I have made forays into fiber, and fine art. The latter led me to go back to school, where I fell in love with oil painting. My time with polymer clay helped me move with confidence into this new color based media.

I have moved into a studio space in Lowell, MA (Western Avenue Studios), and now have some needed separation between my work and my home life. And I get to be connected with other people who choose to make a space and time for creative work in their lives.

I hope to share with you a bit of my creative journey, as I begin again, down a similar, but slightly different path, a little older, perhaps a little wiser. I will be trying to navigate this uncertain terrain. Trying to make the challenge of a life in the arts workable. If you decide to travel this path with me, welcome! I am glad to be back. This journey will still look at the artrepreneurial aspects of my life as a creative person, but it will also be open to the detours and side trips along the way.

Next post; my latest painting!

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