Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Karma

It is always good to see artists that "play nice" together. Sometimes fear, envy, or other issues get in the way, and artists will have a hard time sharing with others. The fear of being copied is huge.

But with polymer clay and metal clay the opposite is usually true. People are very open and sharing with one another about techniques and ideas. I suppose it is because both are very new media. There is so much to be explored still. And one idea feeds another.

The Metal Clay list on Yahoo is one of the most vital and creative groups I know. They have monthly challenges for the group....trying out a new technique or designing around a theme perhaps. We all grow as artists from this process, even if it is just as an observer.

One of the artists on the group had breast cancer quite a few years ago. She was in remission for about 8 years. But now the cancer is back, and in a more aggressive form. She needs a bone marrow transplant. She cannot work because of her compromised immune system, and thus has no health insurance. Instead she is on Medicare, and unless she has a perfect match, they will not pay for the transplant. But without the transplant, her chances of survival are nil. Sadly, this story is one too many of us can understand. Whether personally, or through friends or neighbors.

But here comes the good karma. The Metal Clay list took their creative energies and applied it to this challenge. How can we raise money for Robin so she can get her bone marrow transplant? An auction has been set up on eBay. Donations are being made to her medical fund. None of this may come close to covering her vast expenses, yet it is so wonderful to see how people will come together for someone they know only through an internet connection, and gather their collectionve energies to help.
An auction has been set up on eBay. If you searchfor "4Robin" you will see the items that are currently up for auction. A holiday gift purchase could help Robin come closer to getting the care she needs. You can read more about Robin's story and make a donation at her website

I donated an apple vessel and a crane to the auction. The crane was donated for its symbolism....long life and healing. It seemed a natural fit for the cause, and reflected my hopes for Robin.
The apple vessel was one that I made over a year ago. I had loved the way it came out, and it always got an enthusiastic response at shows....yet it never came close to being sold. I was starting to feel badly about the piece. So I decided to donate it to the auction. Do something positive with it. Well today, the karma shifted. The apple was quickly purchased with the "Buy It Now" option. I now love the piece again. It is bringing Robin a little bit of help, and I feel good that someone fell in love with it enough to buy it up right away. I think I will have to revisit this design...perhaps in some other colors. But now the name will have to be "Robin's Apple" or "Robin's Pear".
So to that purchaser....Thank you! And to Robin....I am sending you thoughts of healing.

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