Friday, June 29, 2007

Doubt Revisited

The doubt cloud has passed along with the heat and humidity of the last few days. Who knows, maybe the doubt is a by-product of all that heavy air.... But it seemed as if walking the dog had as much to do with it as anything. Fresh air, a little exercise, and the whirlpool of doubt dissapates.

It became clear that none of the things I was trying to decide about had to be decided right now. Shows, if they are worth doing, will continue on. The opportunity will come again next year and the following year. And perhaps then, things will have shifted, or not....either way, I will have a chance to decide again.

One opportunity has changing circumstances which may make participation more viable in the future. So I will reconsider that option in this new light. I could do the show this August, but in doing so I would have to work even harder and longer than it seems that I already do. And I would probably not be able to do things like a mailing prior to the show. Better to wait. Do it when I can plan ahead. When it was a planned choice rather than a reaction to an opportunity.

As I said in the prior post, doubt is inescapable. It is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy. It is our humanity. How we deal with the doubt is what can help us either move forward, or get stuck in an awful, unbearable place. Today feels a lot less stuck and murky than yesterday.


harriett said...

Just found your blog via the Bead Nerd - we have a similar backstory - I floundered for years before I realized I HAD to do my art, too. I like your writing, and your art is lovely.

Judy said...

Thank you Harriet! I took a look at several entries on your blog, and have bookmarked it. I will definitely be back to visit.