Friday, June 22, 2007


I hate being away from my work. I love what I do that much.

So, being perfectly honest, I am a tiny bit resentful that I will be away for the next few days, inside a dark, cold ice skating rink. I will be doing hair, makeup and dress changes for my two daughters. This weekend is the ISI New England Districts Competition. ISI is the less competitive wing of skating competitions. It is still competitive, but it does not lead to the Olympics. It is more about learning, doing, and having some fun.

My daughters are proficient skaters. They sometimes do very well, and sometimes not. But what I love, is that they do it. They get out there on that ice, in front of judges and onlookers and skate for 2 or 3 minutes, all by themselves. If they fall, they know to get back up and keep going. And they know that judging isn't always "fair". That it is subjective. That a judge my see you minor slip up, and miss another skaters major goof. But they keep skating anyway. As a parent, that is all I ask. And, if they are enjoying themselves. If not, it is time to say adios to the skating world.

My husband skates too. I love that he can share this with the girls. They can talk the language of edges, loops and laybacks. Dads and daughters can not always find the common ground. And my daughters opened this world up to him, and he is having fun learning a new skill.

So this weekend, I have to walk away from the clay. I am bringing some pod components and beads with me in the hopes that I can do a bit of assembly. But the main work I will be doing is addressing postcards for the Guilford Craft Show in July, on the green in Guilford, CT. The list has grown to nearly 250 people from about 160 last year. It does pay to leave out a notebook and pen at a show, and to get addresses from those who make a purchase.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Libby said...

Judy, you have all the fun. lol Although a nice cool skating rink sounds like a pretty attractive escape from the summer heat. Have fun with your family!

Judy said...

Libby, I wish this rink was just cool. It is the kind of cold that sinks into your bones after a full day. My escape....bringing my younger daughter to the emergency room for x-rays! She has a splint on her foot from a locker room injury...go figure! She won't be competing for the rest of the weekend, but her sister has four more events.