Saturday, August 18, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

"My bags are packed. I'm ready to go...." Well, almost! I'm going computer free for the next week. No email. No blogging. Just play!

During the late 1980's and the early 90's, I traveled a fair amount. I had the drill down. Back then, garment bags were de rigeur for the frequent flyer. No need to check your bag. That was for amateurs. Just stuff it in the overhead bin. Well, we all know things have changed in the world of air travel. Now, everyone has one of those rolling black bags. I got one for myself when I headed for Las Vegas for the ACRE show this spring. Not the size that can be brought on board.
As I waited in Baggage Claim for my bag, I watched one black suitcase after another come down onto the carousel. Trying to figure out which bag was mine was a challenge. Ending up with the wrong black bag seemed to be a higher probability than I was comfortable with. Plus, somehow, that black back just seem to be more corporate than I felt now.

So, I did what we are always taught not to do when we are children. I painted my suitcase....or a part of it anyway. Now, when that suitcase comes sliding down onto the carousel, I will know who it belongs to.
My kids are learning to break rules around here. Painting my suitcase. Drawing on shirts. What kind of a parent am I?? I hope one that teaches them there are choices in life, and it is okay to go your own way if that is where your heart is leading you.

Have a great week!


tammy vitale said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the photo info you left in the comment - it's perfect! and easy! What more could I want?

And then I see this paint your bag idea which is much better than my tie ribbons on the handle idea. So thanks again!

I'd love to hear about the ACRE show.

harriett said...

Great idea!Thanks for sharing and have a super time!

Chai said...

You are so right to paint your suitcase...everyone gets black...and then it is next to impossible to find yours...i figued that out last summer while traveling with a bigger load....I often wonder what my son is learning from is artist momma who paints on anything she can get her hands on...but i figured out hat right now he has learned how to use his mind creatively any time he can and nothing is off our house at least....i wish more kids had families that encouraged them creatively....if nthing else but by being creative themselves...

EC (Lisa) Stewart said...

Great idea! I'll be using that one for our trip to Europe.

Oh, and if ever I were to have kids, I would encourage them to draw on the walls -their walls of course! It's only paint!