Thursday, November 1, 2007

One Year Old

One year of blogging.

183 published posts. About a half a dozen unpublished.

340 comments. Most comments on a post, 13. Wednesday Whine.
From every comment, I learned a bit more about you, about me, about this business of craft.

First post. 1000 Cranes.
Not just 1000 cranes. But 1000 polymer cranes. An important personal landmark that launched my blog.

Most read post. Head Down, Butt in the Studio.
Thanks to Alison Lee for the inspiration for this title. Apparently this one hit a nerve for many.

Countless new friends and connections.
Lots of personal growth and lessons.
Occasional anxiety about posting.
One more task to fit into the day or week.
A little less housekeeping done!

Thank you!
I am inspired and encouraged by your stories, comments and e-mails. I am forced to think more deeply about my own choices in my business. I am learning every day as I grow my business. I stumble. I get up and try again. I hope that you are doing the same.

A big hug for all of you. Now get back to your studio or your mailing list, or whatever it was you were doing to nurture that business of yours along. If you don't do it, who will?


tina t. said...

Happy Blog-Day Judy!

One Year... thanks for keeping us on the straight path and on for keeping us always on our toes... Thank you for allowing us to watch you grow... Watching your growth has shown me ways in which I need to grow.. I am always enlightened with each new post!

again, Thank you!

Judy said...

Thank you Tina! Thank for your comments and feedback. It helps me to learn and grow.

Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

Happy 'Blogoversary'! Mine is in 162 days, and it's largely due to you that I began mine. Thank you for your thought-provoking posts. It's reassuring to know that we share some of the same issues on our creative journeys.
Best wishes as you begin year two!

Judy said...

Thanks Michelle! Continued best wishes with your art and your blog.

Judy said...
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