Friday, February 1, 2008


Want to waste five minutes. Go take the quiz. I spent the last thirty seconds trying out colors that it was rejecting (steel grey, pale yellow, eggshell), and forgot colors like pink.


Kathi said...

whew tough one this late at night. I managed 34, but got slowed down with typos :)

Emma said...

that was fun! I got to 43 but boy some weird ones it wouldn't take like Hunter green, Payne's grey, even charcoal... these are pretty standard I thought. but missed a lot not using adjectives

Aunt Cin said...

I got right to 33, Judy - just like you. But they had odd colors listed, and wouldn't accept others. I wasn't permitted to use "tan," but "light brown," would be acceptable, and so on. Annoying! The "light," and "dark," thing never entered my peabrained little head! ;-)



Judy said...

wow Emma, You really rocked it! I agree with you Auntcin that the colors they had that were accepted were peculiar in some cases. But since I forgot some pretty basic colors, I couldn't get too annoyed!

Avoiding typos was a killer Kathi, wasn't it? And, I found that when I am under a time pressure my brain and fingers both become paralyzed. :-)