Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time for a Valentine?

I found out about this wonderful opportunity from another artist recently. My friend Martha Munroe, a painter and sculptor, told me about this program held each year, to raise funds to give grants to artists.

The person who began this program is Paul Matisse, and yes, he is related. You can find details at The Artist's Valentine. Artists create valentines from non-perishable items, and send them, along with packaging, and contact information by January 11th. The valentines are displayed and sold. The funds raised in the sale are then distributed as grants.

Every artist who submits valentine(s) is eligible to apply for a grant. After the sale, the artists are asked to submit 8 images. A jury then decides who will receive the grants, and for how much. The grants can be used in what ever way the artist decides to help their work progress. Grants have ranged in value, but have been as high as $2200. They are not need based grants, but based upon the body of work presented to the jury.

So, I am busy creating a few valentines to send off. How about you? Do you think you have a valentine in you that you could submit by the 11th? It is worth a shot. And even if you do not receive a grant in the end, you will know that your efforts went to help another artist. Not such a bad cause to support. Happy Valentine's Day!

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