Thursday, December 13, 2007

You Know you are an Artrepreneur When....

1. What others call "world craft", you call "cheap imports".

2. Your designs take into consideration production and efficiency.

3. You know what a knucklebuster is. (A credit card imprinter, used to manually record credit card sales.)

4. You are on a first name basis with your UPS person, the FedEx person and the people at the post office.

5. You know what keystone means. (Two times the wholesale price.)

6. You know what someone is talking about when they talk about Zapplication. (Zapplication is an on-line application for various shows and competitions.)

7. You have gotten packing your car up for a show down to a science.

8. You know what a CVV2 code is, and why it is important. (The three or four digits found on the back of the credit card. Getting these numbers when you use a knucklebuster can save you about 1/2 of a percent in fees.)

9. When someone asks for "terms" you have an idea of what they are talking about. (Usually means they want Net 30,..... or, delivery of goods and thirty days to pay.)

10. You know the joke about the artist who won the lottery....and you are not sure whether you should laugh or cry. :-)

The joke: An artist wins the lottery. They go to the lottery headquarters to cash in their ticket, and they are asked what they will do with their winnings. Their reply,....."I will probably just keep doing shows till the money runs out."

If you have any more to add to the list, please feel free to put them in the comments.


Barbara J Carter said...

11. You know what "buy/sell" is and can spot it a mile away. (Manufactured or imported goods, supposedly not allowed in art shows but often found there anyway.)

12. You know what a "booth shot" is, and need a new one. (Photo of fully-stocked stocked art fair display.)

13. You know what a "juried show" is. (An art fair in which exhibitors are screened for quality of work.)

14. You know what "juried by check" means, and try like heck to avoid those shows. (A show that claims to be juried but actually lets anyone in as long as their entry fee check clears.)

Have I revealed too many trade secrets? :)

Barbara J Carter

claycath said...

Well I knew all of these except a zapplication (used them before, just didn't know they were called that). I laughed at the joke. Funny but unfortunately has a ring of truth to it.

Deabusamor said...

I knew most of these except the joke...and now I wish I didn't! It's so true I want to cry. :)

Jenny Patterson said...

(chuckle) I actually moved up from the car, bought a little trailer that I can leave packed. Loading and unloading the van all the time is the pits!

Jenny P

studio√ČLAN said...

When you know that making back your booth fee isn't good enough!

Jeff said...

When you go to art school because you want to be a free spirit.
... and then you end up in business school so you don't end up a "starving artist."