Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Darn! I missed it! Did You?

Yesterday was Freedom from Self-Improvement Day and I missed it! I guess I can declare today a do-over for all of us who missed the announcement. You can get some e-coupons for yourself or for those you love, to get into the spirit of the day.

This holiday was declared by Jennifer Louden. She is a contributing editor to Martha Stewart's Body + Soul magazine. It seems a bit oxymoronic that someone from a magazine produced by the queen of "you can do it better", would be promoting "give yourself a break, already!" But, when I looked through the magazine in a waiting room recently, I was surprised to find out that Martha was the publisher. It has a nice balance and tone to it. I love Martha's sense of style, but it all seems "too" perfect for real people with a life to acheive.

Now why in the world would I embrace such a day as Freedom from Self Improvement? Isn't my blog all about work and doing it better? Perhaps. But I think I also want to understand and explore the idea of knowing when to look outside and when to turn inside to find the answers to the questions. At least I hope that is what I am getting at. Everyday should be freer. Freer from the external motivations to run our lives. Driven more from that deep voice within our gut which is the best guide to live the life we were meant to live.

It is hard to hear that small voice from inside when you are so used to being externally driven. It takes quiet and patience to discern. But what I have learned, is that the more you listen, the louder and truer it becomes, and the more we can find peace, grace and contentment in our lives. That sounds just so very new age-y, but it also seems true, based on my own experiences.

It is fine to have goals and ambition. But it is also important to have humility and grace. Can you let go? Can you adapt? Can you admit you were wrong without feeling a sense of humiliation and defeat? If not, you will forever feel out of balance. There is so little that is under our control. I think I have declared my motto here before, "One foot in front of the other." In the end that is often what it comes down to. Do what you are able, and have the grace to let go of the rest. Let go of shoulds, and just do what you can. Somedays you may be a phenom, and others a slug. That is okay. It is part of being the human beings.
So send a few coupons. Be sure to give at least one to yourself. And just breath............


Molly said...

In an odd sort of way, I did.

My mom (God lov'er) has this habit of giving me books on body image and the most recent set are Chrisitan body image books.

I resolved yesterday to give them to someone who WON'T be offended.


Judy said...

Sounds like the perfect solution!