Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day bouquet

What is the first bouquet most mothers receive from their kids? One that came from them....not one that Dad bought to give to Mom.....but one that came straight from the kids?

If your kids are like mine it was a fistful of dandelions. The dandelions are presented as a most wonderful treasure in the world, waiting for the big smile and hug from Mom. I remember one daughter telling me how they looked like sunshine. I can even vaguely remember picking a handful of dandelions myself as a kid.

My yard has had dandelions bursting into bloom all week. Bright yellow blossoms. I see neighbors out spraying, digging, mowing.....attacking those yellow blossoms. My kids don't even seem to have noticed them. I can't help but wonder.....When do we make the shift? When does the dandelion go from sunshine to enemy?

The next time you spy a dandelion growing in your yard, see if you can relax about it for a minute. Try and put your childhood head on again, and remember when it was sunshine. Or maybe instead attacking them with a vengance, pick a bouquet to bring in the house and remember the first bouquet you got from your kids. Or if you don't have a yard, or any dandelions, you can go here, and get a virtual dandelion for your computer screen.
Happy Mother's Day! And the next time someone gives you a fistful of dandelions, give them a smile and a hug in return, and see it for the fistful of love that it is. You never know, it might be your last dandelion bouquet.

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