Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Internet Tribe

I am back at the hotel after spending the day setting up my booth. I am exhausted, as is to be expected, but I am just about as ready as I can be for tomorrow's opening day.

The best part of today has been meeting people I have "known" through the internet, but had never met in person. Here I am at a show, three time zones away from home, and I am greeting and hugging virtual strangers. But they don't feel like strangers. These are people who have been part of various conversations in on-line discussion boards. People who I liked and admired from their words and images of their work.....now I am getting to meet and talk to them in person. It is great. This is the amazing power of the internet. I had only met a few people at this show before hand. But I feel like I am among friends., not strangers..my tribe.

Likewise I have had people stop by my booth and say, "Oh, you're Judy Dunn!" They go on to tell how they love my work, or they have read my postings, and I meet someone who had me on their radar, and I didn't even know it. How gratifying is that?

This is the part of doing a show that you never can know or anticipate until you do them. The wonderful network of artists that is out there. I have never left a show without making at least three or four new friends. At this show, I am already at over a dozen new friends. I am also meeting all the wonderful support staff from Wholesalecrafts.com who have been names in emails or a voice on the phone.

I am a person who is happy working alone in my studio most of the time. But when I emerge, it is wonderful to walk into an environment that is so welcoming and wonderful.

Tomorrow is "Show Time!".....stay tuned.........

In the meantime check out some of the work of some great artists:

Leah Sturgis

Ruth Apter

Tahmi DeSchepper

Kate Tonguis

There are many, many more, but right now I am too tired to think straight. So maybe tomorrow I'll add a few more links.

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