Thursday, May 3, 2007

Random, and perhaps Rambling...

The ACRE show opened yesterday, and the energy among the buyers as they first came in the hall was high. They were there to shop, and they were excited to be at this first time show. I did not expect to do much business yesterday, as it was the first day of the show. This is usually the information gathering day for buyers. Walk the show, gather information, and then go back to the hotel and sort it all out. Then it is back to the show the next day to place orders. But I was happy to have written six orders yesterday, only one of which was a re-order.

This is a picture of where I am hanging out this week. You can see it is a completely different booth than I had at Craft Boston, or any other show I have done, for that matter. I rented the hardwall booth set-up, and the shelves. I would have done some different placement with the shelves if I had more time to think it through, but all in all I am happy with the way it worked out. I have the jewelry up on the wall, and I am happy with that arrangement. It frees up floor space, and makes it easy for people to view the work. I couldn't decide what to do for a table in my booth, and ended up using one of the pedestals and the shelves. Booth layout seems to be something that is always in a state of flux.

I was talking with a customer yesterday, and looked over to see Lisa Pavelka in my booth! Yes, the real live and wonderfully kind Lisa Pavelka. She is as beautiful in person as she is on TV, and sweet as could be. I am having a blast meeting all these people! And Luann Udell stopped by briefly to say "Hello!" It was nice to meet a fellow blogger in person.

Last night Wholesalecrafts had a poolside party for the exhibitors and buyers. The only drawback was the gale force winds blowing through. But it was a chance to talk with other exhibitors, and get to know them a bit more. Judy Belcher, as reported, is a hoot. She was busy writing orders for herself and other artists from Tamarack yesterday, and got two new accounts with her jewelry.....including Bellagio in Asheville, North Carolina....a serious coup. Way to go Judy! The whole gang from the Tamarack Foundation was a fun bunch. I even got my palm read by their marketing person. I was told that I am creative and artistic, ....whew!

Time to get ready for another day. TTFN


catherien said...

Congrats on making a few sales yesterday, Judy. And congrats on the meets, greets, giggles and grins. I hope you're having a fabulous time today!

Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

Your booth looks great, Judy! 'Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. LOL on the palm reading...when you get back, and you want further affirmation that you are who/what you are, try this: It was fun, and enlightening, I thought.