Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have my horoscope on my home page. I know horoscopes are hogwash, but they are a fun way to start the day. Today this was what my horoscope said. "You may find yourself unexpected busy today, dear Gemini. It could be that you had been planning on spending the day at home, tidying up and generally straightening and reorganizing your home environment. An unexpected change of plans could have you spending most of the day at the office, handling one crisis or another."

I don't know about the cleaning part, but today was going to be a bit of a breather to catch up and get organized before the last crunch. That was until I got a phone call this morning from my bank. It seems that someone was using my card to buy train tickets in France.....oh, that it were me! But no. My travel plans are for Las Vegas, not traveling by rail in France. And the Visa has seen some heavy action in recent days as I get ready for my show. Some of those charges, like the charge to UPS freight to ship my two containers out to Las Vegas, had not gone through yet. The containers were happily on their way to Las Vegas, and they hadn't been paid for yet. Then there are those automatic bill payments....more phone calls. And a trip to the police station to file a police report. Does it sound anything like my horoscope? Funny how that works some days, isn't it?

For the rest of you Gemini's out there, I hope your day is going better than mine, so far. And for the person who bought those train tickets.....at least send some pictures!


Libby said...

I had that happen to me too recently, someone charging travel tickets to the Philippines. Hopefully your credit card company will be as good as ours was in handling everything. It's a real pain though and I feel your pain. Good luck with the show despite this latest speed bump.

Judy said...

Hi Libby,...I feel your pain as well! I suppose we all will get to experience this inconvenience at some point now. Thank goodness the credit card companies have found ways to catch these unusual patterns and stop the damage before it goes too far.