Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Minute Inspirations

I was thinking about the new designs that I have come up with in the last two weeks, in the midst of getting ready for the show. I have heard the story of these last minute inspirations over and over again from many different artists. And it made me wonder why that happens.

This is my theory. The studio becomes the escape or stabilizing force when there is the crunch of show activity. All the preparation for a show is mind numbing. Endless details and lists. Dates to keep track of. At one point last week I could not find the information about my plane tickets. I was sure I had made reservations a while back. But I could find no evidence. Finally I tracked down the email on my old computer. For a few minutes, I was truly panicking. Then I couldn't be sure I had added the extra day onto my hotel reservation...even though I was sure I had made the phone call to do this. Sure enough, I had.

All this nit-picky, paper pushing, mind numbing work makes being in the studio a real escape. Pushing some clay around is far more satisfying than sorting and filing papers. Getting into the studio to explore an idea that had been floating around in my head for a few weeks was far more engaging than double checking delivery dates, and figuring out what a Bill of Lading is and why I need one.

I am not sure that I will be as in love with these designs in a month as I am now. I have had this "show state of mind" before. Designs that I was crazy about suddenly look less successful after some reflection, and exposure. But if nothing else, they were a necessary outlet. A way to let off some creative steam.

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