Friday, April 27, 2007

More Sources

A few days ago I shared many of the sources I have found in the last few years to create a booth set-up for doing a show. But there is more to doing a show than just showing up with your work and display. So that means more suppliers of products and services to make that all happen.

1. Slides. Most shows have gone digital, and I for one, say "Amen." I like digital. It is so much easier to upload images with some of the on-line services, or mail a disc, and not worry about having them survive the trip both ways through the mail. But, there are still times when a slide is needed. I found a great little place called Gamma Tech. They are easy to work with on-line. I have referred them to several people, who also had positive experiences with them.

The process is easy. You upload the best quality image you have. They then convert that to a slide. You can get one copy or multiple copies. And your slides are sent out to you quickly, and are in your hands in a matter of a few days.

2. Postcards, business cards, notecards, ..... Vista Print is my source for business cards, postcards, and all the other marketing paraphenelia that are the essentials to running a business, and promoting that business. Their prices are among the best. I can design my card in Photoshop by creating a template to the appropriate dimensions, and then uploading the information. The business cards can be printed with a picture of your work on one side, and the usual info on the other.

I have also used the return address labels to create labels for boxes and earring cards. I have my logo printed in the space rather than an address, and then just trim the edges. I then have a sheet of labels that can be easily attached where needed for a very low price.

You will get lots and lots of emails from Vista Print once you order from them, but it also means that there is always a special on what you need when you need it. And there is that delete key at other times.

3. Other printed materials: With the ACRE show I have had to create some printed materials I did not need before. In the past, when a potential wholesale account requested a catalog from me, I would print out many pages of information. It was time consuming, and the ink cartridges seemed to evaporate. I could not continue to do things this way. I finally created a catalog, using PSPrint. You need to send them images in CMYK format, and the resolution must be at least 300 dpi. Now I have a 8 page catalog, with four color images, and more time for the studio. Horray!!

I have also created order forms to ease the process of writing up orders at the show. I am doing the show on my own, and I need to make it as easy as possible for people to place an order. Someone on a discussion board shared the idea of using a three part form. One copy goes to the customer at the show. One copy goes in your file, and one goes in a large envelope that you mail home to yourself at the end of each day at the show....eliminating the potential problem of orders that get lost during packing or in the return trip.
I have created a three part order form that is like a grid. Across the top is the style or type of jewelry....pendant styles, earrings, etc. Down the side is the various designs....Stained Glass, Luna Phases, etc.....and if necessary, the colorways that are available in that design. Filling in the squares are the prices. Ordering is simply a matter of circling. Totals go across to the last column, and down to the bottom of the page. The overall design was created using Excel. I used Anchorside to print the forms, and they were great. Mike helped me tweak the form just a bit, and the result is super, at a very reasonable price. And the turn around was very quick.

4. Big Pictures. One last item for the booth. If your work is for instance, large pictures can be a big help to draw people into your booth. It helps them see your work from the aisles. I have printed large scale images with MegaPrints in the past, and been happy with the results. But the pictures are large, and could be easily damaged in shipping. They have been great for local shows, but for shipping, I needed another solution. Enter They make a retractable banner stand that is easily transported, protects the banner from damage, and includes the printed banner, and a carrying case. You can see one with my vessels in my booth at Craft Boston. This was the economy version. It was a real eye catcher from the aisles. I have another one with jewelry images.
They sent a proof, and the banner was printed, and in my hands in under two weeks. Not bad for custom work.
I hope I have been able to save you a bit of time searching or hesitating. It can be a time consuming process to figure out where to go to get a product or service. When you find a supplier you like, be sure to pass the word along to others. Both parties will probably appreciate it!

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Thanks Judy for the great links. I've bookmarked them for future reference. Good luck at your show!