Monday, April 2, 2007

Pricing the Pear, the Numbers are In

I know I was completely unfair in my request for prices with little more than a picture to go from. And yet, even with the same information, we all come to different conclusions. Obviously, we all bring different experiences in evaluating a piece. Part of it is the subject person loved the koi, telling me about her own koi, and how much she loved watching them swim and play. Another expressed that the subject matter was one that did not necessarily appeal to her, but she could appreciate the workmanship.

The same thing is happening at a show. Except at a show, these thoughts, impressions and evaluations are being made in our heads. This little experiment let me get inside the heads of a few of you and begin to gain a bit of insight into this process.

Let me begin to share this information by sharing the prices, without any added evaluation. For ease of analysis and presentation, I have grouped the prices into ranges.

Price Number
Less than $50. 5
$50 to 99. 8
$100 to 149. 3
$150 to 199. 3
$200 to 299. 3
$300 to 499. 3
$500 to 999. 1
over $1000 1

The actual prices ranged from $30 to a suggestion of between $1000 and $2000. I am a huge fan of that last one!! More than half the responses were over $100.

I will share with you more pictures of details you wanted to see on the piece, and more information about the time it takes me to make a piece like this one. But right now, I have a show application due today, and a car to unload. Thanks for your input!

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