Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am sure you have heard about the proverbial grandmother who can't seem to believe that you are full. When you come to dinner, the main conversation from her is "Eat!", as she spoons more food onto your already full plate. Right now, I feel like I have just visited that grandmother.

Yesterday I had two more wonderful opportunities fall into my lap. One is the largest wholesale order I have recieved yet. I am feeling thrilled and worried all at the same time. I have sold less than this much work at some shows. It is wonderful, but the timing is scary. Breathe, Judy. Just breathe,....and get into the studio!

I also received a phone call last night, with a wonderful invitation. As much as I wanted to say "Yes!!" on the spot, I knew I needed to talk with Dave about it. It would mean spending a good chunk of money, and time away from the kids....which affects his schedule. When he got home, he was nearly as excited about it as I was. And said, "You are going to say yes, aren't you?" Have I mentioned lately what a great guy he is?

My head is spinning. My plate is full. But so is my heart and my spirit. I will truly try and enjoy each and every bite of this experience. Who knows when it will come this way again.

Here are a few new pictures for you. The pendants are samples for the wholesale show. The pear vessel reminds me of a cross between a pear and an artichoke! I am happy with how the leaves come up and around the curved form of the pear. The color shifts in the drawings I do under the translucent clay are dramatic in some cases. The rosy color on the pear was dark purple when I did the drawings. The change is dramatic, but I like the way the rose tone goes with the leaves.
Back to work!


Elaine said...

Super! Congratulations!

And the pear vessel is lovely - elegant fruit.

Libby said...

Congratulations! Beautiful work as always too. The way that colored pencils change during baking can be exciting or frustrating. The pear vessel is an example of a lovely color shift.

Judy said...

Thanks Elaine and Libby!