Friday, March 23, 2007

Blog Addiction

I am a blog addict. I confess. I can't seem to get on the internet without a quick visit to some of my favorite blogs. And then the list begins to grow. You start clicking on those links on the side. The next think you know another 30, ...60,...or more minutes are gone. But I continue to need my fix everyday.

One of my favorites is Polymer Clay Daily. I was lucky enough to find her blog fairly early on and I have been a regular reader ever since. As a polymer clay artist, it is fun to see all the other work that is being done out there. It is interesting how a sense of community builds up around a blog like this. Cynthia is posting all this wonderful information, but there are those in the background who are sending her links, or adding comments. Visiting her site makes me feel a bit more connected to that community.

Cynthia's blog led me to Susan Rose's two blogs. The Empty Vessel
was my first discovery. And it was love at first sight. The elegance of the whole site reflects the amazing work she has highlighted on the site. Some of it makes me smile, some of it makes me gasp in amazement. I always feel a bit enriched by visiting this site. It is incredible the variety of ways that a vessel can be created.

Susan's other blog, Polymer Clay Notes is just a treasure trove of wonderful inspirations. From pictures, to videos, to links to tutorials or places to play. My kids and I developed a serious addition to the tile making site she posted a while back. For a while my kids were suspecting I was spending way too much time on the internet when I was showing them all these cool sites. But then they found out my source.... I love how Susan finds all sorts of things that are not directly polymer clay related, and yet, they can get those brain cells clicking about possibilities in polymer. And like Cynthia's blog, there is the community of people who visit regularly and send her links.

Another recent favorite was found on the Molymerclay blog. Molly has a link to Christine Kane's blog that has become one of my favorites. Christine is a musician from North Carolina. And she has a great sensibility. Some of my recent favorite posts were the about traveling and delays, and one about mistakes bloggers make . The last one is one I am sure to visit again and again, as I try to learn more about this whole blogging thing! Like what is the html code to use so I don't have to put the links in parentheses in a paragraph, and is there a way I can avoid the messiness of html code?! And what is this whole RSS feed thing about anyway? And don't get me started on stats. For anyone who blogs, this entry is a great read.

Want some studio envy? Cruise on over to Libby Mill's blog and see the pictures she posted of her new studio. Tell me you do not want to work in a space like that? Libby is one lucky lady....but she is a sweetie, and deserves it! Now we want to see pictures of what gets created in that space....hint, hint!

That ought to waste an hour or so of your time! Have fun.


Libby said...

Thanks Judy! I love the space too. Sadly, the only thing created there lately have been piles of things needing to be put away.

Judy said...

Libby, it is an amazing space, and I am sure when life gives you some breathing space you will have lots of fun down there puttering away with your beads and clay. I am glad you shared the pictures.


Molly said...

And I can blame Christine Kane for my blog addiction. I have 65 blogs in my RSS feed right now. Thankfully not all of those yahoo's post daily. There's more where that came from!

I do love Christine's blog. And from what I have heard of her music too! Did you know she does retreats?-yeah, on my wish list.

Lori Greenberg said...

I'm right there with you on the blog addiction except now mine is turning into having them too! One for me, two for the kids, one for me...

I'm a former polymer person and am still very inspired by what is going on out there in the pc world! I love the pcdaily and pcnotes blogs too.

Judy said...

Thank you for your comment Lori. I spent some time this weekend helping my husband and kids set up blogs for themselves. The addiction spreads....!