Thursday, March 29, 2007

Set Up

Yesterday was moving day, and I took a few pictures to share with you.

My van was loaded up, and I was ready to drive into Boston. Lucky for me, we had a few warm days, so the snow had melted enough to be able to drive down the driveway, and load up the car right at the garage.
I arrived at the World Trade Center without getting lost!!! I seem to have a little too much trouble at times navigating the streets of Boston. But today, things went smoothly. I was able to drive my van into the building and then unload and wheel my work over to my booth. About seven or eight trips later, everything is in the booth space ready to set up. But first I had to go park the car....
Taaa Daahh! The finished booth. The image is a bit blurry...sorry, no tripod with me. But you get the idea of what my booth looks like. Usually I do not have black drapes for my booth, but in this case the drapes were part of the package, so I figured I would go with it. The pedestals are new. I ordered them for the wholesale show from Easy Pedestal. They have a corrugated base.....lightweight....and a wood top. There is a piece of foam that inserts into the base of the pesdestal to square it up, and then there is a piece of foam attached to the wood top. When it is all set up, it is really a very nice look.
The pieces I have hung over the drapes are just table runners. They break up all that black! On the floor I have one of those mats that is like puzzle pieces that fit together, but are nice and cushiony. Over that some bamboo rugs that roll up easily and are lightweight to carry. The mat makes for happier feet....for me and for the visitors to my booth!
Tonight is the Preview show and awards. Should be fun. I hope I have enough time to go around the show and see some of the other work. I did see Elise Winters yesterday. She is right up the aisle from me. She and her husband Woody were setting up. Elise is as sweet as her work is beautiful. Today I need to find Louise Fischer Cozzi. She has donated a piece for the Klay Karma retreat, and I get to pick it up from her.
I have received three entries so far to win that crane in the Price that Pear survey. Come on. Send me your thoughts. What do you have to lose? The more data I get the better the results, ...of course the fewer people who enter, the better your chances to win that crane..... Email your thoughts to me at judy AT (substitute the @ symbol for AT, and lose the spaces). Sorry you have to actually type the address out. Spam is just awful without giving them easy access....


Libby said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your booth! It looks great.

Michelle said...

Yes, your booth looks great. Aren't those bamboo mats the best?! Did you get them from like I did? I wish you the best at the show: great customers, tons of sales, fun neighbors, and lots of shared experiences.