Friday, March 2, 2007

New Article

I sent my husband to the store last night on the way home from work. Not for milk or bread or any of the usual things. No. This time I wanted him to pick up the latest copy of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

I had one of those days yesterday that was spent mostly of it in the car with the kids. I never left town, but I also never seemed to be far from the car! One daughter was having a tough day, which meant she was taking it out on me. I needed something to get me out of my funk. I knew the new issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry was coming out, and I was supposed to have an article in it. I had not recieved my copy yet, so I was not absolutely certain. One of the things you learn about having articles published, is that like anything in life, things do not always go according to plan. So I was anxiously checking the mailbox looking to see if a copy was there.

My husband can be such a sweetheart about these things. Not only did he go to the store to get me a copy, he checked the website for the magazine to see where they sold it, and called to make sure they had it. They reserved a copy for him. And when he got there he found my article and showed it to the person in the store. She proceeded to gush over the article, and show everyone else in the store. Can you see my cheeks and neck reddening??

I was thrilled to see the article and the beautiful photography. And, I was also happy to see that 13 (I counted!) of the pieces/articles in the magazine included polymer clay and/or silver clay, the two media I use. Both media are infants in the world of art/craft. Neither has been around long enough to have anything really approaching a "tradition". But for me, that is part of the appeal I suppose. There are far less rules and standards. Experimentation is everywhere, and the creative energy is contagious. Both communities share readily as they learn and grow with the material. I suppose it can be dangerous as well, because it is easy to think about something else that could be tried out.

If you enjoy making or collecting jewelry, this is a great magazine. The photography is beautiful. The paper is nice heavy quality stock. And the work is inspiring. I will be spending many hours leafing through the magazine and taking in the creative energy.

But not for at least a few days. Remember the mailing list post. I have to get my mailing list in for that wholesale show. And the photography for the postcards. Deadlines are coming up for several applications. And I just got my shipment of silver clay so I can get back to work on a new idea...... Bye for now. I have a daughter to get off to school, and work to do.


Heather said...

Congratulations on the article!

Anonymous said...


It is a huge thrill to see your work in print.

I think it's beautiful that your husband is excited and proud of your work. What a treasure!

Judy said...

Thanks Molly and Heather! My husband is a real they say, I think I'll keep him!