Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another Ball Gets Thrown in the Air

I just got off the phone with Sadie from The Society for Arts and Crafts in Boston. They run the wonderful show, Crafts Boston, each spring. This is a show that really pushes the line between art and craft. One where you walk around in awe of the ideas that people come up with. I am off the waitlist, and I will be doing the show in the mixed media category! Can you see me doing the happy dance??!

Of course this means I will be living a sleep optional life for the next two months. I was just really beginning to focus on all the tasks I need to get done before the ACRE wholesale show next month in Las Vegas. Now I need to cram one more thing into the "to do" list. But to say "no" to this opportunity is something I could not possible do. It is a wonderful chance to get some exposure for my work, and continue to learn more about the best places and ways to sell my work.

Okay, time to get into the studio and printing out mailing list labels, and figuring out the many details involved in doing a show.... I check back with you and let you know more about this whole process.


Heather Powers said...

sleep, sleep who needs sleep as long as you are rich! Congrats on getting into the show.

Judy said...

Thanks Heather! I don't know if I will be getting rich or getting into more debt! But it is a great opportunity, and an honor to have my work exhibited in this show. I have to celebrate that first and foremost.

Molly said...


"you have to spend money to make money"???


Congrats on being moved from the long list to the short one!

(fyi-the link to your image is broken on their website).