Friday, March 30, 2007


One of my favorite parts of a show is meeting other artists. Getting to know your neighbors, and their stories is a fun change from the day to day isolation of the studio. I enjoy that time on my own. But getting together with other members of the tribe is fun. I have yet to have a neighbor who was not friendly and interesting. A few have had a crotchety streak here and there, but they still always had a sense of humor and an interesting story. Last night was fun too, because my husband was able to join me and meet some of my neighbors.

I am in the back corner, and last night the action was in the center aisle, with the bar and desserts. But it gave me time to cruise the aisles a bit and take in some of the work. Susan Rose's blogs, The Empty Vessel, and Polymer Clay Notes had exposed me to some of the work I saw last night. It was fun to see in person the work that wowed me on her blogs. None disappointed.

Still hoping to get some pricing ideas from you for that pear. I know I have given you only a picture and dimensions to go with, but I want that gut response.....not the one that comes from knowing exactly how long it took me to make it. Four people have taken the plunge so far....they have a great chance at getting that crane! And the range is fairly broad. I will not be offended by your answers. It will help all of us in the long run get a better understanding of the pricing issue. Especially when you share some of your thinking behind the answer. It has been enlightening for me, and I think it will be for you as well. Anything I share in the future will be anonymous, so no need to fear the wrath of others. I asked for your input....honest and thoughtful if possible, or even just your gut level response, so no matter what the answer, I am prepared to hear it.

If you think I must be crazy to be doing this, trust me, I am not going to be using this information to set my prices. This is information gathering from the market side of the equation. I have turned on the comment moderation, so you can send your input through the comments, and I just will not publish your response. I want your answer to be free from the influence of others opinions. The deadline is Sunday, April 1st, midnight Eastern time. I know you have an bold, be daring, send it in!

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